We had a great 2016 season and want to say thanks! We're done for now, but follow us to see where we'll be next.
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Come and Get Some
•  Saturday April 30th 10am - 6pm: Chelsea Eats, 8th Ave between 14th & 23rd St, Manhattan

•  Saturday May 7th 11am - 5pm: PopUpNY @ Taste East Village - Spring, 2nd Ave between 6th & 11th St, Manhattan

•  Saturday May 14th 11am - 5pm: Central Park Eats, 60th Street Central Park between 5th & Madison Ave, Manhattan

•  Saturday June 11th 11am - 5pm: Bleecker Bites - Greenwich Village, Bleecker St between Christopher & Bank St, Manhattan

•  Sunday June 19th 11am - 5pm: PopUpNY @ 7th Heaven - Park Slope, 7th Ave between 1st & 6th St, Brooklyn

•  Sunday July 24th 11am - 5pm: World Trade Financial Feast, Liberty St between Broadway & Church St, Manhattan

•  Sunday August 28th 11am - 5pm: Meatpacking MKT (Summer Series), 9th Ave between 14th & 15th street, Manhattan

•  Sunday September 17th 11am - 5pm: PopUpNY @ Hells Kitchen, 9th Ave between 44th & 50th street, Manhattan